BMW MOA Club Benefits

MOA Membership Pays for Itself!

You could pay for your MOA membership by using discounts from some of the businesses you use all the time. There are discounts where you can do it in one purchase, or you could do it using a combination of a couple of favorites. Take a look through the discounts available to MOA members below and see if you can find $49 a year in savings.

Also take a look at the comparison of Road Assistance programs. Many of us have towing as a package in our motorcycle insurance, but with two tire replacements a year and a towing distance of one hundred miles, you can have a peace of mind when you travel cross country.

Road Assistance Comparison
Club Price Towing
MOA Platinum $49 Membership + $60 100 Miles
     * Plus Two Tire Replacements for unexpected damage (including labor)
MOA Basic $49 Membership + $50 100 Miles
MOA Non-member $69 100 Miles
AAA Plus $109 100 Miles
AAA Premier $149 200 Miles
AMA $49 Membership + $35 35 Miles
AMA Standard 3 Yr. Membership/Auto Renew 35 Miles
  • All Plans Include Fluids, Battery, and Tire

There are several discounts and other benefits with your MOA membership; log in and check them out!