BMW Performance Center

BMW Performance Center
Greer, SC

The Performance Center has motorcycle rider training. These classes are not to teach beginners how to ride a motorcycle, but are classes to make riders with some or a lot of experience better and safer riders.

They have a one day street class and one or two day off road classes.

To participate you must have a state issued license, valid motorcycle insurance and all the gear which includes DOT helmet, gloves, riding suit and over the ankle boots.

If you take the Moto Street Survival class you can use their R1250 GS Adventure or your own personal BMW motorcycle.

This is a one day safety-oriented program that prepares you to successfully maneuver the obstacles encountered during every day riding. You will develop baseline skills and techniques that will allow you to reach new levels of safety and ability on the tarmac.

Some of skills that will be taught and practiced are handling, braking, slalom, cornering, accident prevention, and figure eights.

Off-Road Foundations is run using a curriculum developed at the legendary BMW off-road facility in Hechlingen, Germany.

You can use their F750 GS or bring in your own motorcycle. Both “new to dirt” riders and experienced travelers will benefit from learning the proper skills and confidence to enjoy exploring dirt and gravel roads.

The skills taught and practiced include handling, braking, climbing, circling and gravel.

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