This is the time of year tire manufacturers are trying to empty their supply of tires. Some tires they over estimated the need for this year, other tires are being replaced by a “better and improved” one. These are current and fresh tires.
Continental, Dunlop, Metzler and Pirelli all have rebate offers going at least until the end of May. A couple rebate offers go to the end of June. If you recently bought tires, it may have been within the eligible dates, so check it out.

You can save $20 on one tire and $50-$75 on a set.

The best news is you can get all four rebate forms off our website. The “Form” page is under the “News” tab. The cover page for each company may have certain tires advertised, but the form covers all the models for each company.

Speaking of tires, you may want to go to the BMW MOA Club Benefits page on our website. There is a comparison of a couple of Road Assistance plans. The MOA Platinum plan covers you for two tires damaged per year. I have had two almost new tires punctured in my lifetime and I didn’t have this coverage. The replacement cost of those two rear tires would have paid for eight years of MOA Platinum coverage.

If you want to save even more money, look at the discounts on the same page, you receive as a MOA member. Use these discounts and they may pay for your membership costs.